Silvana loves her homeland, but she craves a family of her own—one that will give her a sense of belonging and fill her life with love. When she meets Mark, a handsome foreigner, she believes she’s finally found what she’s always wanted, but soon her dream turns into nightmare. The smart, kind, loving man she fell in love with turns out to be a controlling, abusive tyrant who breaks her heart and her spirit.

Riddled with fear, surrounded by impossibilities, can Silvana rise from the ashes and break the chains that bind her to a life filled with sorrow and pain and find her way to freedom, independence, and unconditional love?


*Broken Chains is a moving, motivational fiction story that speaks to the inner peace and freedom in a world filled with uncertainties and unexpected turns. Follow this poignant, page-turning family saga as a young Azerbaijani girl grows into a strong, independent woman.