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In order to achieve a peace the humans must change their behavioral patterns as well as inner thoughts.Thoughts generate the circumstances and wrongful desires that many try to change or avoid. A positive mind strives for a peaceful way of finding a solution. God plays an important role in his life. An envious, greedy and angry soul always strives for more power or revenge. He is guided by negative thoughts,wrong desires that do not allow him to find an inner peace. He would not stop until his desires are satisfied. Therefore, guided by his own thoughts and sinful desires he leads himself and others into the destruction. The finale result is many lives are destroyed, children and women are raped, endless wars, hunger and people killed. 
These kind people would achieve their goals but might face a Hell at the end of their journey.Therefore, a peace must start within yourself. Once your mind generates thoughts of love, kindness and your heart is free of anger and can forgive, you would find your peace. Another step is to stop misjudging others or making wrong conclusions because you do not know anything about them neither lived their lives. But only making fool of yourself and destroying your soul by false accusations. Consequently, once you build relationship with God and change your ways those around you would be positively affected by the good energies that you would give out. Strive for God's grace and His love.

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