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Self Hate

Some people live in a fear of hell. Yes, hell is real, and we can end up in there easily. Misled by some religious leaders they afraid to love themselves. Self-love is seen as a sin by them. Hence, they try to find all faults in themselves and start hating these faults as well as themselves for having them. This is not what God expects from us. Yes, He wants us to see and acknowledge our sins for us to repent and stay away from a sin. Yes, we must hate a sin but not ourselves, neither our faults. We just need to acknowledge them as a part of being a human and try to change and even become a better person. These steps are good for our health as well as a soul. God created us out of love and in His image. How can we hate what God created? If we keep hating our faults as well as ourselves. We will become miserable and angry souls unable to function properly or even help others. Self-dislike may even pull us away from God.


If you cannot love yourself. How can you love others? God is love, and he did not create us as condemnation. He loves us for who we are with all our faults.We are human beings that are not perfect however trying to be better for the sake of humanity, our soul, God and our well being. If you love yourself in such manner where you respect yourself, take care of your health, needs, mind, and soul. This kind love is acceptable and is not a sin. However the self-love that leads to vanity, self-pride, ignorance, carelessness, boasting, broken relationship with God, destruction of the soul, judgment or condemnation of others is a sin.

Today my message to you. It is time to accept your faults and yourself for who you are. You are not worst than anyone else. The whole world is full of flaws. Stop hating or disliking yourself but learn to love yourself as God loves you. Remember all of us have faults and this is okay as long as you do not destruct your soul, health, relationship with others or God, either do anything wrong or sin. Try to take care of your health, soul and concentrate on positive, building a relationship with God and avoiding a sin. Every day says: I accept myself for who I am. I am a God’s child. I love myself and I am loved. At the end of the day try to change what you can and make positive changes to your health, lifestyle, mind, and relationship with others as well as God. Most important improve your self-esteem and get rid of your anger.

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