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Overcoming Your Fears
Do you ever get the feeling that you are trapped in a bottomless pit or in quicksand? As a reaction, do you attempt to escape yet cannot? Do you allow your fears to control your life? If the answer is “yes,“ then read this article. At times when many of us feel trapped, we go to all lengths to solve our problems or redirect our lives, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, we discover that change is impossible. As a result, we become disappointed, and some of us just surrender or lapse into depression.

Who said life is easy, simple, or straightforward? Life is not a fine and neat sweet piece of birthday cake to enjoy. Life is always full of struggles and worries. We are always distressed about something, fearful of making mistakes or of looking ridiculous. Therefore, we ought to lead our lives to the fullest, not seeking to find solutions to problems, but instead finding new positive changes. We permit a degree of frustration while fear overruns us. Fear is namely an emotion that affects one's behavior and the entire direction of one’s life. Once we allow this to happen, we become permanently stuck. Fear is our worst enemy possible. It stops us from getting what we deserve and from doing the activities we enjoy. It even makes us miss out on new opportunities and avenues for development. Someone ends up not going to a job interview worrying that he or she is not ready or not good enough. Hence, an opportunity of getting a job is lost or missed.

While growing up, my protagonist, Silvana, behaves the way she thinks she is expected to. She lives by her parents’ rules as well as by society's. Thus, she does not go out socially or talk to men because she fears that someone might get the wrong idea and start gossiping about her. Therefore, because of her fears, she misses out on many things in her life. Fearing to make mistakes and not knowing what her decisions might bring her prevents her from leading her life fully and from being herself. One of her problems revolves around her fear of making the wrong decisions in the event that people may misjudge her. She always is wondering what might occur if she does certain things. Because she does not have the answers, she does not take any steps to get out of her predicament.

However, one day she realizes that because of her fears, she is missing out on many aspects of her life. For years, she does not conduct her life to the fullest extent possible. She knows not only that she is getting older, but also that every lost day cannot be recovered. Nevertheless, she desires to enjoy her life and do what makes her happy. Then, one day after praying to God and asking for guidance, she decides to make changes and not to worry about the consequences of her steps or decisions because she knows that she is not doing anything wrong. In the end, she confronts her fears and starts leading her life to the fullest and allows herself to just be. She reads the bold print and lets the footnotes be.

If you really want to change your life, then you need to get rid of your fears first or just confront them. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and we learn from them. Do not be inactive wondering what will happen if you take this or that step. You will miss out on opportunities, even love. If there is woman or man who you like, do not hesitate to approach her or him. If you do not take these risks, someone will take your place and you will miss out. Hence, be bold and seize what is meant for you, but do it in the proper way.

After considering the pros and cons of your personal situation, go ahead and move forward with your life. Stop worrying about what people think about you. We have but one life to live, so let it not be wasted by not doing what we enjoy. Start taking part in activities that make you happy. If you enjoy singing, dancing, painting, or traveling, then do these activities and pastimes. Remember that everything is achievable in your life, and by following your heart’s desire, having God at your side, and never giving up, you will undoubtedly get what you want and need. Your future depends on what steps and choices you make now as well as through God's will. If God thinks what you want is good for you, then you will attain it. Ask for God’s blessing, and act as a change agent by taking life into your hands. Make necessary changes and alterations in your conduct and overall outlook. At the same time, surrender all your fears and worries to God. Please share this passage with anyone you know who lives in fear.
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