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No more blaming games!

Along with writing my books I am also trying to guide people or prevent them from mistakes. 
When people come to me with their problems I listen and advise.This advice was given to one of the females and might be useful for all of you .

Praying means we pray from heart and we have a strong faith.We believe and we are patient. Also we get up and make every step to change our lives or get out from negative situations. But not day dreaming and blaming God for our own choices, mistakes or laziness. We try every avenue and keep having a faith and hope. At the same time learning from old mistakes and not repeating them. 
You are now vulnerable and feel lonely. In this condition you would attract any jerk that might pretend to be nice just to trap you. Now you should not really worry about getting a man but making sure that your child is fine and you are healed. If you meet another jerk now you might blame God again for your own choice.However ,it would be your fault, not His. Nothing wrong with wanting someone to love you. But if you cannot love yourself what kind love would you attract?
Your life is now like a jigsaw puzzle. Many pieces are missing. Put them together become full. Learn to fly like a bird and free yourself of your past and hurts. First learn to love and respect yourself, find a peace, forgiveness and inner healing. Make sure that you and your child are fine. When you fit all pieces of jigsaw puzzle together you would attract a good man. The last advice stick to God but not to anger or bitterness and blaming games.


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