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Life lessons
An eight-year-old girl whom I knew well died from dengue fever (also known as breakbone fever), an infectious, virulent, tropical, and subtropical epidemic disease transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by fever, rash, and severe pains in the joints. The girl was quite bright and kind by nature. Although I saw her alive just last week, unfortunately today I attended her funeral. It is sad when someone so young passes away, for it shows not only that life can be too short, but also that death lies right over our shoulders. Because we never know when our time will come or when we will lose loved ones, we ought to strive to spend more time with those close to us to show them our love and appreciation. We must live our lives to the fullest and not let our lives be wasted. We must be who we want to be, do what our heart desires, and try to enjoy the life in front of us.

Sometimes we get so busy with our daily routines and problems that we do not spend enough time with our children, and this can affect them emotionally. Children who do not get enough love at home may misbehave and act out to get noticed, or they will look for attention from other sources. They will definitely sense a gap or chasm in their lives. Some parents think that buying expensive clothes or toys for their children will make them happy, but too often those parents do not bother spending enough time with their children. They leave their children craving love and attention. In fact, children need parents who will give them hugs, read to them, listen to them, and most important spend time with them. We should be there for our children, show them our love, and understand that they need us. Life is short, and we never know what can happen next.
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