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Good leader

To lead one not only must have leadership skills and charisma, but also must be able to listen, understand, reserve patience, devote time for others, and simply live up to his or her teachings and preaching. These require such skills as compassion and empathy. True leadership should be shown not by beautiful and empty words, but by actions and examples. For example, if a spiritual leader talks about God and teaches people how to live to please God, when people come to him or her with problems and the leader cannot understand them and is unwilling to listen to them, who will follow these leaders or believe to what they teach?

When you follow God’s path and proceed to praise the Lord but forget the most important matter that God expects from you (namely, compassion and love toward others), you do things your own way and this will not please the Lord.

Therefore, to distinguish a good leader from a false one, look at his or her behavior, lifestyle, and their deeds for others. By communicating, asking questions, and serving them, you may witness what they are made of. Jesus Christ was a true leader who showed his love by forgiving others, possessing patience, listening to people’s problems, and healing. He showed his love with his actions toward humanity and died on the cross for us.

Mother Teresa was the power behind missionaries of charities, who run hospices and homes for people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy, and tuberculosis. I am certain that these activities require leadership skills such as organizing, planning, control, delegating, timing, and motivating. Her focus was not limited to prayers and praising the Lord because she knew that was not the only matter that God expected from her. Her goal was both to please God and to help humans by eradicating poverty and showing compassion toward others. She showed her love to the Lord by helping the poor and sick and being a mother figure to many. She was a leader that I ADMIRE and one day I aspire to live up to her charity!

Currently, the world is full of false leaders who wear the masks of charmers, good priests, and spiritual leaders. However, if you look deeply into their lives, you may become shocked. Some priests are child molesters and sports coaches in high schools preying on the kids. Politicians are increasingly involved in sex scandals or fraudulent activities and take bribes. Others walk around praising the Lord and talking about love, but do not care for you! I may sound judgmental, but I cannot close my eyes to these facts. Thus, do not come and ask me if I admire any current leaders. I do not!

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