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Many people suffer from depression in silence, a condition that affects a human being’s ability to function adequately and forge and maintain relationships with others. This condition can result from stress, one’s environment, chemical imbalances in the brain, situational negativity, and low self-esteem. To diagnose the real cause of depression and obtain correct treatment, one should visit a medical practitioner as soon as symptoms become apparent, which can prevent further complications that might lead to suicidal ideation or even damaged relationships and negative changes in lifestyle. Only a medical practitioner can prescribe the right treatment and thereby prevent a suicide and other long-term negative consequences.
Depressed people suffer from mood swings and live in darkness, feeling as if the whole world has fallen on their shoulders and everyone and everything are against them. One minute they are full of joy, while the next minute sadness fills their hearts. They may feel lonely, empty, frustrated, and hopeless--as if something is missing from their lives. They do not have the will to live anymore, with suicidal thoughts subsequently developing and evolving. This may not happen to everyone because people react differently, but depression is a serious condition. During these moments, they either shun friends or look for emotional support and understanding while becoming passive. Unfortunately, some of them get repulsed because of misunderstandings and as a result of appearing overly needy.
If you suffer from depression, let friends know about your condition. Join a group such as church or some other form of a support group that speaks to your activities or pursuits. The fact is that you require emotional support from good friends and a sense of community or beloning. Stay busy with activities that make you happy, including exercise and time enjoying natural beauty. Exercising helps to battle stress. Right after exercising, you feel better. Try it and let me know if I am right. Be sure to get enough sleep and adequate rest. Not sleeping enough can worsen depression and affects your daily functioning. Remember you have nothing to be embarrassed about and you are not alone. Do not suffer alone, but surround yourself with positive and understanding friends.
Turn to God, who never rejects anyone. If you continue becoming closer to God, you will gain a sense of grace. With God's blessing, your heart will be filled with joy and depression may diminish. At the same time, seek out medical advice. Doctors can prescribe medications and dispense useful advice. Sometimes, only medication and the right diagnosis of depression can provide a solution. If you do not see a practitioner, you may inch or even plunge toward suicidal ideation due to a sense of hopelessness.
 If your depression is caused by environmental factors or even abuse, then take leave of those surroundings and begin all over. If low self-esteem exacerbates depression, try to adopt a sense of self-confidence and daily positive affirmations. For instance, remind yourself: “I am intelligent and beautiful. I deserve only the best. I love and I am loved. I deserve to be loved and treated with respect. I have a right to be happy and I deserve it. I am worth everything good.” Remember that you deserve the best and that those who rejected you were not genuine friends. Forget, forgive, and move on.
My dear readers, I believe in you and know that you are beautiful souls that deserves happiness, love, and peace. Pray and ask God for those desires in your life and, most important, believe that God will answer soon. Always see your  doctor as soon as possible. Please share this text if you know someone who suffers from depression

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