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Attracting Positivness
The Law of Attraction refers to the human thought process, specifically the manner in which these thoughts attract good or bad fortune into our lives. Positive thoughts bring positive things into our lives, while negative thoughts result in negative experiences. For example, one friend of mine experienced some serious problems, so much so that she thought she deserved them. Just by thinking that she deserved these problems, she came to expect them. As a result, she has attracted only more problems into her life. In fact, people who tend to worry a great deal attract more matters about which to ruminate. For example, if someone fears losing their job, then he or she might undoubtedly lose it.
If you wish to attract good events and people into your life, then you need to change your thought processes and jettison all your worries. You must always stay positive and avoid spending time with people besieged by negative attitudes because their negative vibrations can affect you. Stop complaining or worrying about problems such as not having enough money, instead conducting yourself as if you have everything you need in life. Do not say I cannot do this task, I am not lucky, or I am not loved. Instead, always speak positively.
When you get up every morning, say, "Thank you God for everything I have." If there is something you would like to obtain or achieve, you need to start making statements of intent. For example, if you would like to have a car, then you need to imagine that you have a red Mazda car. Visualize yourself in your mind driving that car, including the exact color of the car. For you to get exactly what you wish for, you need to be precise in your descriptions. For instance, if you were to say, "I wish to buy a car," while you may end up getting a car, it may not be what you wanted. So you need to rephrase your wish, "I wish to own a brand new red Mazda” and "I wish to drive it every day."
The next step is to thank God for your new car. While you are expressing your gratitude in this way, you should fill yourself with joy and pretend that you really own a car. I am convinced that if you continue doing this, one day you will end up with what you have been wishing for. Your thought process will open up opportunities for you to get what you want, and acting in such a way to make every step count will help those wishes come true. We must not forget the role of God in everything in our lives because everything comes through him. Simply transform the set manner in which you conduct yourself, and you will soon see fundamental changes in your life. If there other items that you would like to get, then every day tell yourself something like this:
I have plenty of money.
I am divinely powered, protected, led, and partnered.
I am healthy.
My life is full of joy and love.
I have a loving partner.
I live in a big house.
Money comes easily to me.
I have a fulfilling job.
I work in a wonderful location.
Whatever I need comes to me.
I deserve the best and only accept the best.
I attract only loving people and good opportunities.
I love who I am and what I represent.
I know that most of you are frustrated with all your problems and disappointments. You constantly feel stuck in a rut and crying silently for a help. Have faith, knowing that you are not alone. Help is coming from God, but you need to believe, and get rid of all your negative thoughts and doubts. Stop worrying and rid yourself of all fears. Do all this now! State the following right now: I chose to be happy, joyful, and fearless. I invite into my life abundance, success, health, wealt h, and most important God. I abandon all my worries, anxieties, problems, and fears to God. In the name of Jesus Christ, I believe that from now on I will see only positive changes.
You can deploy your own affirmations. Just remember that you need to reiterate these affirmations every day and believe that you will get what you ask for. Do not forget to pray to God. If your faith is strong enough, then your prayers will be heard. You can also apply my method regarding a car to everything that you wish for in life and in general. Just remember to do this every day. There is also another step that you can use. For example, if you would like to own a house, have money, create a board to pin pictures of the house, earn more money, and anything else that you may wish for. Hang this board on the wall, every day look at those pictures, and say "I have a big house, plenty of money, and even a good job." The law of attraction and affirmations do work. I have personally experienced the good work of positive thoughts and the bad work of negative thoughts. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, I will try my best to help and advise you.
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