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Ask,Believe and Receive
Ask , Believe, and Receive!
When confronted by many problems in your life, always continue praying every day with a firm belief that good people and good events will enter your life. Never forget that that one day God will hear your prayers, so never stop praying to Him because He is our savior, our light in the darkness, and our Father who always waits for us to return to Him.
Faith and hope help us endure difficult times.Without hope, one won't have the willpower to move into our future. In addition, if you persist with both a strong faith in God and the possibility of everything before you, when you fail you will merely get back up and move forward in one piece.
Most times when we get disappointed or hurt, we blame God or others around us for negative occurrences that plague us. Thus, we wonder why God did not help us earlier or prevent these awful events from happening in the first place. Instead, do not blame our Lord for all this negativity because He gave people free will, yet they abuse it to choose the wrong paths by living in sin. In fact, sins attract negative consequences. Otherwise, you may end up in a negative situation due to your own mistakes and poor choices.

If your prayers are not answered, scrutinize yourself. Are you praying correctly?Do you have a close relationship? Maybe your requests are just not good for either you or your soul. When people fast and recite those prayers, they are reaching up to the heaven. For prayer to work, you must repent and pray with all your heart by praising and thanking the Lord.
God always hears us, but sometimes we think otherwise. We continue living with pain and anger in our heart. The anger and pain grows, stops our spiritual development, and keeps us away from eternal happiness. However, we should know that sometimes bad encounters happen to us for good reasons. For example, you may get divorced, and later you may meet someone better. In that way, your divorce has opened the door for a wonderful relationship.
Just remember no matter how you are hurt or disappointed, do not give up your faith. Believe in yourself, believe in a God or Allah, and know that good will come your way. I think if you have steadfast faith and stay positive, you will be able to transform your life. To facilitate this change, you need to take steps to change your life. So stop crying or blaming others for your problems. Forgive those who hurt you, and pray and do something to solve your problems.

Do the following: write down the names of the people that hurt you on the piece of paper. Also write, "I forgive you for everything that you done to me," then burn the paper and throw the ashes away. Forgiveness will help you heal and will remove your anger. God will show you the right way and you would be able to heal yourself.
The following is a good prayer that you can use daily. For those who are not Christians, my advice is to recite prayers that relate to your religion and you will get the same results. With faith, hope, and persistence you will succeed.

I love my God with all my heart and soul. You are my joy and my best friend. The friend who will never betray me. My Lord, people are lost in darkness and care more about their financial concerns than their souls or eternal life. Please help them to find the right way! My dear friends, if you put all your worries into his hands, love him, pray to him everyday, and at the same time make steps to make positive changes in your life, your personality, and your attitude and outlook.

God will chart a path for you, and your life will change. Your prayers may not be answered right away, but they will eventually receive a reply. You need to believe firmly that everything is possible in this life and not only try harder to bring new changes into your life, but also try to get rid of your fears.While making these steps rely on God, talk to him and fill your hearts with joy and peace. In the end, God will offer a way forward for you. After all, He is our solution and joy.
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