Over the course of years, many couples try to have a child, yet to their disappointment they are unable to conceive. Some of them may even give up trying, instead choosing to adopt. However, for many couples there exists a new solution called assisted reproduction. Why should a couple try this innovation if they are unable to conceive?
First, both the male and female partner need to consult a doctor and establish if there is a medical reason why they are not capable of conceiving.
A variety of different tests will determine the best course of action to increase this puzzle-and riddle-like chance for a successful pregnancy.

About these developments, I interviewed Juliet Skinner, MD (the consultant gynaecologist and head clinician at the Barbados Fertility Center) for a more detailed explanation of infertility treatments available for couples.

“There are many couples who suffer from infertility. What are the reasons for not being able ... Read more »

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Have you completed your manuscript yet find that you do not know what to do next? Here are some tips for you. Just do not get frustrated by packing your bags and heading for the hills!

Before I started writing my novel Broken Chains, I did not know what was entailed in getting a book published. By the time I found out, it was too late to retreat. As an author, I have learned that the process is not all that straightforward. It not only involves writing, but also laborious developmental editing and copyediting, searching for literary agents, writing numerous queries, and most important promoting both your book and yourself as an author. To me, the process of writing is not all that difficult, but marketing is the most time-consuming activity.

Publishers expect you to have a web presence and have multiple accounts on social media, so that they can “inspect” your personal narrative and “size you up” or “t ... Read more »

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Do you ever get the feeling that you are trapped in a bottomless pit or in quicksand? As a reaction, do you attempt to escape yet cannot? Do you allow your fears to control your life? If the answer is “yes,“ then read this article. At times when many of us feel trapped, we go to all lengths to solve our problems or redirect our lives, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, we discover that change is impossible. As a result, we become disappointed, and some of us just surrender or lapse into depression.

Who said life is easy, simple, or straightforward? Life is not a fine and neat sweet piece of birthday cake to enjoy. Life is always full of struggles and worries. We are always distressed about something, fearful of making mistakes or of looking ridiculous. Therefore, we ought to lead our lives to the fullest, not seeking to find solutions to problems, but instead finding new positive changes. We permit a degre ... Read more »
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Many people suffer from depression in silence, a condition that affects a human being’s ability to function adequately and forge and maintain relationships with others. This condition can result from stress, one’s environment, chemical imbalances in the brain, situational negativity, and low self-esteem. To diagnose the real cause of depression and obtain correct treatment, one should visit a medical practitioner as soon as symptoms become apparent, which can prevent further complications that might lead to suicidal ideation or even damaged relationships and negative changes in lifestyle. Only a medical practitioner can prescribe the right treatment and thereby prevent a suicide and other long-term negative consequences.
Depressed people suffer from mood swings and live in darkness, feeling as if the whole world has fallen on their shoulders and everyone and everything are against them. One minute they are full of joy, while the next minute sadness fil ... Read more »

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