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Do you ever get the feeling that you are trapped in a bottomless pit or in quicksand? As a reaction, do you attempt to escape yet cannot? Do you allow your fears to control your life? If the answer is “yes,“ then read this article. At times when many of us feel trapped, we go to all lengths to solve our problems or redirect our lives, but sometimes no matter how hard we try, we discover that change is impossible. As a result, we become disappointed, and some of us just surrender or lapse into depression.

Who said life is easy, simple, or straightforward? Life is not a fine and neat sweet piece of birthday cake to enjoy. Life is always full of struggles and worries. We are always distressed about something, fearful of making mistakes or of looking ridiculous. Therefore, we ought to lead our lives to the fullest, not seeking to find solutions to problems, but instead finding new positive changes. We permit a degre ... Read more »
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Many people suffer from depression in silence, a condition that affects a human being’s ability to function adequately and forge and maintain relationships with others. This condition can result from stress, one’s environment, chemical imbalances in the brain, situational negativity, and low self-esteem. To diagnose the real cause of depression and obtain correct treatment, one should visit a medical practitioner as soon as symptoms become apparent, which can prevent further complications that might lead to suicidal ideation or even damaged relationships and negative changes in lifestyle. Only a medical practitioner can prescribe the right treatment and thereby prevent a suicide and other long-term negative consequences.
Depressed people suffer from mood swings and live in darkness, feeling as if the whole world has fallen on their shoulders and everyone and everything are against them. One minute they are full of joy, while the next minute sadness fil ... Read more »

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