Along with writing my books I am also trying to guide people or prevent them from mistakes. 
When people come to me with their problems I listen and advise.This advice was given to one of the females and might be useful for all of you .

Praying means we pray from heart and we have a strong faith.We believe and we are patient. Also we get up and make every step to change our lives or get out from negative situations. But not day dreaming and blaming God for our own choices, mistakes or laziness. We try every avenue and keep having a faith and hope. At the same time learning from old mistakes and not repeating them. 
You are now vulnerable and feel lonely. In this condition you would attract any jerk that might pretend to be nice just to trap you. Now you should not really worry about getting a man but making sure that your child is fine and you are healed. If you meet another jerk now you might blame God again for your own choice.However ,it would be you ... Read more »

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In order to achieve a peace the humans must change their behavioral patterns as well as inner thoughts.Thoughts generate the circumstances and wrongful desires that many try to change or avoid. A positive mind strives for a peaceful way of finding a solution. God plays an important role in his life. An envious, greedy and angry soul always strives for more power or revenge. He is guided by negative thoughts,wrong desires that do not allow him to find an inner peace. He would not stop until his desires are satisfied. Therefore, guided by his own thoughts and sinful desires he leads himself and others into the destruction. The finale result is many lives are destroyed, children and women are raped, endless wars, hunger and people killed. 
These kind people would achieve their goals but might face a Hell at the end of their journey.Therefore, a peace must start within yourself. Once your mind generates thoughts of love, kindness and your heart is free of anger and can forgiv ... Read more »

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Ask , Believe, and Receive!
When confronted by many problems in your life, always continue praying every day with a firm belief that good people and good events will enter your life. Never forget that that one day God will hear your prayers, so never stop praying to Him because He is our savior, our light in the darkness, and our Fa ... Read more »
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The Law of Attraction refers to the human thought process, specifically the manner in which these thoughts attract good or bad fortune into our lives. Positive thoughts bring positive things into our lives, while negative thoughts result in negative experiences. For example, one friend of mine experienced some serious problems, so much so that she thought she deserved them. Just by thinking that she deserved these problems, she came to expect them. As a result, she has attracted only more problems into her life. In fact, people who tend to worry a great deal attract more matters about which to ruminate. For example, if someone fears losing their job, then he or she might undoubtedly lose it.
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An eight-year-old girl whom I knew well died from dengue fever (also known as breakbone fever), an infectious, virulent, tropical, and subtropical epidemic disease transmitted by mosquitoes and characterized by fever, rash, and severe pains in the joints. The girl was quite bright and kind by nature. Although I saw her alive just last week, unfortunately today I attended her funeral. It is sad when someone so young passes away, for it shows not only that life can be too short, but also that death lies right over our shoulders. Because we never know when our time will come or when we will lose loved ones, we ought to strive to spend more time with those close to us to show them our love and appreciation. We must live our lives to the fullest and not let our lives be wasted. We must be who we want to be, do what our heart desires, and try to enjoy the life in front of us.
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Some people live in a fear of hell. Yes, hell is real, and we can end up in there easily. Misled by some religious leaders they afraid to love themselves. Self-love is seen as a sin by them. Hence, they try to find all faults in themselves and start hating these faults as well as themselves for having them. This is not what God expects from us. Yes, He wants us to see and acknowledge our sins for us to repent and stay away from a sin. Yes, we must hate a sin but not ourselves, neither our faults. We just need to acknowledge them as a part of being a human and try to change and even become a better person. These steps are good for our health as well as a soul. God created us out of love and in His image. How can we hate what God created? If we keep hating our faults as well as ourselves. We will become miserable and angry souls unable to function properly or even help others. S ... Read more »

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  1. One learns of life not from reading books, but through living and experiencing.
  2. Those who experience most aspects of life are more knowledgeable than those who only read about them.
  3. The younger generation should listen to their elders, who have lived long enough to gain the wisdom, common sense, and knowledge that the younger lack.
  4. Money does not constitute everything, even though it makes life easier. It may give you a huge house or an expensive car, but does it give you peace of mind, joy, or happiness? Can you buy love, friends, or respect?
  5. Do not take silence for stupidity, since a wise man avoids confrontation and speaks less. However, in the end, he would surprise us all with perfect and wise speech.
  6. Wise people do not make the same mistake twice, while fools never learn from them.
  7. Yes, we must always use our logic minds before making any steps, weighing the pros and the cons of any decision. A fool jumps into ... Read more »
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Hello Stranger. I know that you are in pain and struggling to survive. Your life is not piece of cake and sometimes feeling hopeless you are ready to give up. Life is a jigsaw puzzle with many missing pieces that one must fit together. Life is never easy but you must have a reason or will to fight for your future and for your child's happy life with you. I am here to let you know that you are not 
alone. You have God by your side and he loves you a lot. You are beautiful from inside and outside. You deserve the best and have a good future before you. However, you need to gather all your strength and try to change your life. Learn to love and respect yourself, know your value. In God's eyes you are a diamond. Hence move away from losers. They do not deserve to be around you. Your are much better than them. Be strong and become a winner. You can do it.Now put your hands together and ask God to bless your every effort and ... Read more »
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At times, we endure trails and tribulations with not only seemingly insurmountable difficulties, but also painful and perplexing dilemmas. Problems can often seem so unbearable that we reach the edge of an abyss and simply give up and relinquish a control over our lives and our destiny. In addition, when we become disappointed or hurt, we might become reactive and turn around and blame God or others around us for our misfortunes and wonder why God did not come to our aid or prevent this sensation of ill will enveloping us.   Negativity or disappointments that we face augment this seething anger within us. When emotional pain increases,  this builds resentment and interrupts our spiritual development, which in turn makes happiness seem unattainable.
Yet, we should realize that sometimes bad things happen to us in life for a good reason. For instance, you may get divorced and later you may meet someone better.  In ... Read more »

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To lead one not only must have leadership skills and charisma, but also must be able to listen, understand, reserve patience, devote time for others, and simply live up to his or her teachings and preaching. These require such skills as compassion and empathy. True leadership should be shown not by beautiful and empty words, but by actions and examples. For example, if a spiritual leader talks about God and teaches people how to live to please God, when people come to him or her with problems and the leader cannot understand them and is unwilling to listen to them, who will follow these leaders or believe to what they teach?

When you follow God’s path and proceed to praise the Lord but forget the most important matter that God expects from you (namely, compassion and love toward others), you do things your own way and this will not please the Lord.

Therefore, to distinguish a good leader ... Read more »

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