Emiliya Ahmadova was born in the city of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.
When she was just nine years old, she developed a passion for reading, literature, poetry, and foreign languages. In high school, she participated in and won many poetry competitions. Starting at the age of ten, she began writing poems and short stories in Russian.
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While young women her age were daydreaming about their futures, Esmira was immersed in scandal. An illicit affair that produced a child was all too much for her to handle. Luckily, Sadaget, the child’s grandmother, was there to raise her granddaughter and mold her into a fine, young Azerbaijani woman. 

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Those who lead lives carelessly without considering the consequences of their behavior are foolhardy. Their wrong choices can unexpectedly change their whole lives in a manner that can both shock them and fill them with regret. 


Broken Chains


Esmira dreams of a life far removed from the hardships she’s come to know. Raising a child on her own presents its own set of problems, but nonetheless, she persists, hoping that her beautiful Azerbaijani-born daughter will learn from her mistakes and lead a life she can be proud of.

Silvana loves her homeland, but she craves a better life than the one she and her mother endured. When she meets Mark, a handsome foreigner, she believes she’s finally found a path to the life she dreams of, but soon her dream turns into nightmare. The smart, kind, loving man she fell in love with turns out to be a controlling, abusive tyrant who breaks her heart and her spirit.

Riddled with fear, surrounded by impossibilities, can Silvana rise from the ashes and break the chains that bind her to a life filled with sorrow and pain and find her way to freedom and independence?


*Broken Chains is a moving, motivational fiction story that speaks to the inner peace and freedom in a world filled with uncertainties and unexpected turns. Follow this poignant, page-turning family saga as a young Azerbaijani girl grows into a strong, independent woman.


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