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Broken Chains



      Broken Chains is a novel that not only includes global locales, characters with drive and passion, different subculture, danger, romance, and infidelity, but also covers emotional and psychological topics that stab close to the human heart and soul. It is a page-turner consisting of 107,000 words and 29 completed chapters.


Broken Chains allows all women to share in the dilemmas and predicaments of a generation of Muslim women just trying to lead a life, not an existence, in a secular Islamic setting in Turkey. The strictures and confines of being a Muslim woman who becomes a Christian will intrigue a Western readership, transforming them out of their suburban American settings into the apartments of Muslim women confronting infidelity, birth control, secret, other familiar issues as well as the problematic relationship between mother and daughter but with different avenues for resolution and happiness. This novel demonstrates the struggle among characters who are experiencing substantial hardship and facing problems such as cheating, being in love with the wrong man, divorce, losing parents, getting depressed, fighting fear, being emotionally abused or angry, and finally finding true love and happiness.

For example, Esmira hides her pregnancy, especially from her strict mother. Readers will want to find out if her mother finds out and how she might react. Moreover, Esmira's husband is having an affair with a foreign woman. Readers will keep turning pages to discover whether his cheating will be exposed to Esmira. In addition, Silvana meets a handsome British man. While dating, he behaves like a loving and charming man, but once married, turns into a controlling and manipulative abuser. Silvana is getting abused by her husband and thinks about leaving him. Will she muster the courage and leave?

My main character, Silvana, is comparable to Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Both have had sad childhoods and felt lonely, angry, and rejected while struggling for a better life, looking for love, being disappointed in relationships, but in the end finding happiness with a man of their dreams.

If you desire excitement, adventure, and mystery or seek to escape from your problems.If you want not only to cry while reading a good novel but also to laugh together in the face of vibrant and expressive characters that may remind your teacher, boyfriend, abusive husband, strict mother or may be even best friend.Then Broken Chains is for you.


The following can be found in my novel:

Excitement- Wedding with unusual Turkish culture is something new and different for the readers. Divorcing abuser and at the end finding a true love, turning from a fearful woman into a business woman.

Adventure- Silvana’s whole life full of adventure and disappointments. She ends up in school for children without parents, has problem with teacher. Father beats her mother while she at home. She has a life full of rich experiences as well as moves away from Turkey as a Muslim woman and becomes an Orthodox Christian in Kenya upsetting her family in Turkey for betraying her own religion.

Mystery- Samed uses false identity, hides from his family about existence of his kids until he ends up in jail. Esmira gives away her other bustard daughter Arzu to her friend for adoption Her daughter does not even know about existence of her siblings neither the mother who gave her away.


Across the darkness


Across the Darkness is a unique collection of short stories involving mysteries with such titles as “A Visit to Hell,” “A Glimpse of the Future,” “Revenge,” “Greed,” “The Witches of the Village of Helena,” and “Fallen Angel,” “Cowboy of Texas,” and “Crossing Over Into Darkness.”


Each story has its own supernatural and human characters, including university students, teenage schoolgirls, and successful doctors. They face demons, astral flight, spirits, hell, and witches.  

“Glimpse of Future” demonstrates how a mixture of alcohol and demons can destroy a person’s life. Ramesh, a Trinidadian man, had a wife, a good job, and a beautiful house, but he lost everything after allowing a demon to tempt him to become an alcoholic. He metamorphoses from a nice man into an abusive drunkard. But to the readers' surprise, all of his experiences are only visions of his future and can be changed.

 “Suddenly the mirror became foggy. My ear caught a familiar buzzing sound. I froze with fear staring at the mirror. Words appeared in the mirror.

            “Ramesh, I have been waiting for you for a long while. Are you ready to come with me?”

            I kept staring at the mirror without blinking and unable to move. My hair on my head rose, and cold chills run down my body. Then a dark shadow appeared behind me. The shadow began to morph into a hairy, hideous creature with big horns on its head and claws with long nails. The smell of something burning registered to my nose. The beast grabbed my shoulders with its hairy hands. I tried to turn my head away in order not to see his ugly reflection in the mirror.

            “Keep looking at the mirror,” it whispered while licking my ear. He pressed down harder into my shoulder sticking his claws into my flesh. With his touch, my shoulder started to feel as if it was burned by a fire. My heart filled with gloom and grief. Tears started rolling down my cheeks.”


Most readers will be able to relate to the message of each short story in Across the Darkness. Who has not come across a drunkard, abuser, a cheater, or demon itself? Some may have even experienced witchcraft or the presence of an evil spirit. Every story happens in a different country and introduces the reader to diverse, interesting characters who capture the readers’ interest with their breathtaking and scary experiences. The length of each story is convenient for the reader to consume in manageable chunks.

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