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Broken Chains


As a moving piece of motivational fiction, at the heart of Broken Chains by Emiliya Ahmadova lies the core inspirational issue: How can one best live with a deep sense of inner freedom and independence? In setting up an intriguing novel of romance and family saga, the author starts with an encounter between the parents of the protagonist that leads to a brief affair and an unwanted pregnancy. Esmira, the mother, raises her daughter alone under difficult circumstances. Once an adult, Silvana must confront the horrors of abusive relationships on her own. As a Muslim, how she deals with her Christian monster of a husband will make the reader's mind race. This is not only a page turner that serves as fundamental self-help to its readers, but also a motivational tale of one woman's struggle to avoid the same abusive fate that befell her mother. In addition, the novel serves as a gripping story of overcoming suffering, finding true love, dealing with family conflicts, coping with inhumanity, finding redemption, and attaining liberty.        

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Broken Chains Broken Chains
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